Friday, December 13, 2013

Get Out of My House: A Link Between Worlds part 2

Ok, so back to the regularly scheduled adventure.

After going unconscious in the chapel, Link wakes up back in his house.  He looks around to see everything in its place until a man in a strange purple rabbit costume comes out.

There's some major spoilers on this guy,
so I wouldn't recommend looking him up if you don't know his deal.
He introduces himself as Ravio, and he is apparently the guy who dragged you back to your house.  He has a small winged bird friend named Sheerow.  When he finds out from Link about the magician turning people into paintings and how Link tried to fight him, he declares Link is a hero with great cheer.  He states that he is a merchant who sells items to heroes, but he is in need of a place to set up shop.  He then passively coerces Link to let him stay in his house and offers a musty old bracelet thing as rent.  To add extra worth to the bracelet, he calls it the Hero's Bracelet.

He then admits it does absolutely nothing, but it's too late because you already agreed to let him stay.  Before Link can object, Ravio sends Link out saying the kingdom is probably in danger, and he needs to warn Princess Zelda because that's what heroes do.  So Link leaves the house and goes to the castle to warn of coming disaster and the true nature of the vandalism as told to him by his mysterious friend in a rabbit costume.

Even though Ravio may seem like a handful now (and he will only seem like more of a handful in very little time) circumstances will reveal near the end why he's probably one of my favorite Zelda characters.  Generally, my most beloved Zelda characters are the ones that are helpful but also some definitive character flaw.  Tatl is bossy, Midna has ulterior motives, and Ravio likes your money and your property.  In the end, your uneasy alliances with these characters work out, but at first they seem questionable.  I feel like this makes them more memorable since you constantly find yourself guessing what they're all about.  We will return to Hyrule Castle next time

(also, if you know Link to the Past and what it had to do with rabbits, that will help you learn something about Ravio)

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